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Wednesday, 26 March 2014



To a child time is an enigma,
something to learn and be understood.
The moon and sun rising - a Phenomenon.
A vital lesson synonymous with parenthood.

To adolescents, time is a dictator;
controlling their whimsical desires and dreams.
Their hedonistic follies turning them into vindicators;
demanding more time for freedom and the end of regimes.

To adults in their prime, time is a routine;
a ritual undertaken without any contemplative thought.
Speed is what's required; they are not expected to glean.
Convenience and time-saving devices are frequently sought

To senior citizens, time is precious; 
must not be squandered and should be relished at all cost.
For death is coming closer and of their end they are anxious
Their regrets weigh heavy as their times of youth are lost

So should we be saving, killing or defying time?
Or luxuriating, revelling and basking in the sublime?

Debbie Razey 2014

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