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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Icarus Love

In your sweet words, I melt like Icarus's wings 
Blinded by the sheer brilliance of your heart's glow 
Caring little to none for consequences 
By now you'd think I'd have learned... that I would know  

Your passion's heat evokes my dreamer-self
Lost in love; hedonistically I glide 
Recklessly, fuelled by spontaneity,   
I summersault excitedly through your skies

No heed will I pay, to how I know this ends
My soul, in hand with yours, just wants to soar free
I will not accept incarceration here
I'd rather plummet to death within love's seas

So when I am found, washed up, upon life's shores
Please do not shed any tears, my love, for me 
For I will have tasted the heaven's nectar 
When with you, adorned in love... I once... flew free 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Poetry Sets Me Free

Poetry; it sets me free from the realms of my own mind
Never knowing what the pen is showing until I read and then I find
Words devour my inward thoughts, spilled out for all to see
Verse or prose, it matters not, the stanzas set me free
My drug of choice, poetry is my vice; I revel in its bliss
Poetry's passion elicits, in me, my every licentious wish 

Dispelling encroaching darkness, poetry saves me from my fears
Its eloquence of vocabulary is music to my ears 
Words resonate; I see my fate unwind in clear calligraphy
Poetry, my heart's pure voice, paints its raw emotive imagery  
Its decadence, without pretence, pieces back my fragmented heart
Through scribing out the pain of years; despair I'm enabled to depart

Without my muse and all its cues, I think I'd still be lost
So pen in hand and thoughts in ear, I scribble at all cost! 

© Debbie Razey 2015


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