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Sunday, 21 June 2015


Mane flowing like the sun's rays,
he prowls...
across the grasslands of his kingdom:
holding his head up high,
he's not afraid of anything;
that is why,
he is the King... 
of the wild, 

Creeping through the grasslands
...silent and inconspicuous,
from his unsuspecting prey:
he lowers his head,
get's ready to pounce, 
for a minute... 
the whole world seems motionless,
for a second... 
he looks like a part of the golden sun;
to the ground he leaps...
his sharp claws pierce the skin of his bewildered prey

© Debbie Razey 2015


Father's love is a special one
Filled with rough/tumble, games and fun
A job for life... it's never done
Second to none, second to none

A strong, firm hand... a heart of gold
Remembering the wisdoms told
And cuddles when the nights where cold 
You broke the mould, you broke the mould  

You're always there to give advice 
You give your love... not at a price
You navigate me from life's ice
You're always nice, your always nice 

To say I love you... words too few 
From all of your Grandchildren too
So thank you Dad for all you do 
For being you, for being you

© Debbie Razey 2015