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Thursday, 22 December 2016


beneath our...
cryptic conversations
and our fractured
fear-fuelled thoughts
...somewhere lies us

a solstice moonbeam
of pure precise light
through a henge swiftly seen
was always to be
and indeed always... was

maybe our hearts hold
what our eyes
cannot bear to see
...the truth 

© Debbie Razey 2016

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


As Aleppo drowns in blood... hate and tears  
The international community 
Will we do nothing... just, look on in fear? 

Brick by brick; dismembered... a long five years
Drained... the people's faith in humanity 
As Aleppo drowns in blood... hate and tears 

Whole generation... left bereft of peers 
Innocents starved, maimed murdered... ruthlessly 
Will we do nothing... just, look on in fear? 

Isn't it time we help... aid stepped up a gear 
That we, now, take responsibility
As Aleppo drowns in blood... hate and tears

If not our conscience... forever be smeared
This may be our last opportunity 
Will we do nothing... just, look on in fear? 

Please, show our children... it's love we revere
Tragedy, can be healed by unity...
As Aleppo drowns in blood... hate and tears 
Will we do nothing... just, look on in fear?

© Debbie Razey 2016 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Lest We Forget

lest we forget this

christmas... homeless souls out on 

unforgiving streets

down and out... nothing to eat

lonely... vulnerable... scared

alone... with no one to care!

© Debbie Razey 2016 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


mansuetude in your 
touch and your too few, stark, words 
is sadly... sorely
lacking but darling I see
beyond triviality 
grace... beauty in your actions 

© Debbie Razey 2016

My First Taste Of Snow

From beneath, 
I watch the snowflakes dance diligently 
Winter's graceful fire flies, 
hovering around the lamp light's amber glow 
My eyelashes, 
adorned with wet, 
glittering jewels 
Crimson cheeks and violet nose... 
violently painted...
brushstrokes of the biting breeze,
leave a blushing

I look on, 
as the fields are gently blanketed in a still... 
snowy beauty
Cars and roads, 
draped dramatically, 
in an alabaster, 
velvet veil 
I witness the trees trimmed, 
in winter's bespoke gowns of spectacular, 
stitched sequins 
An archaic scene of sublime winter wonder...
a vivid vision of awe...
my eyes will, 

The wailing winds,
fill my ears as they echo
all around me 
Crisp white snow 
sings out its stark, 
staccato song
I watch as everything before me is iced in fine, 
fanciful sugar
Coated in winter's ashen... 
my first taste of winter's
...stunning snow 
© Debbie Razey 2016 both poem and image 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dear Children...

It's Christmas Eve and time to sleep 
Lay down your heads, try counting sheep
Tonight, little ones... Santa comes
Upon his sleigh with presents heaped 

His elves look out for busy tongues
Boys and girls, heed the words of Mum
For Santa is a shy, old guy...
He'll only visit sleeping ones 

Across the world tonight he'll fly 
Beneath the moon in star-filled skies 
Calling at homes of every kid
Only pausing... to eat mince pies

Now squeeze, tightly shut, your eyelids 
The same way, your parents once did
So you'll not be sad Christmas Day
For Santa... cannot be outwit

Quickly children... he's on his way 
I think I hear his sleigh-bells sway 
So hurry now and go to sleep
Otherwise... you'll scare him away 

© Debbie Razey 2016


Friday, 2 December 2016


alone... but together we must stand 
enabled through empathy... to understand 
we're all trying our best... though it's often tough 
life's like the ocean... sometimes unkind and rough 
so, with grace and without judgement... let us stand tall
for without each other, we've truly nothing... at all!

© Debbie Razey 2016