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Sunday, 27 April 2014

A conversation with Violet

"Yes Violet"
"How do we make trees?"
"We plant them from seeds"
"What are seeds?"
"You know, pips in apples;
Then over time they grow into beautiful trees, with help from the sun and rain"

"Can I have a Huggle?"
"Of course you can baby; come here......jump up on my knee"
"Am I your baby, Mummy?"
"Yes, you are darling and always will be"

"Your hair and my hair ....snap!"
"Haha, yes they do look alike don't they Violet"
"Your hair is on my hair.... it tricked me"
"Did you think it was yours, Honey!"
"Yes Mummy, your hair was tricking me"
"No Violet, it's just because I'm cuddling you and my hair is overlapping with yours"

'Yes Baby"
"I look like you, don't I?"
"You do Munchkin; that's because Mummy made you......I grew you like a tree"
"Did you Mummy?"
"Yes Baby Girl, you grew in my tummy so you look like me and our hair looks the same"

"Yes Violet"
"I'm tummy is going rumble rumble rumble.... I want an apple pleeeeease?"
"Ok, but only an apple; it's nearly time for dinner"
"Ok you!"

"(Sob, wail, sob, wail) MUMMY!!!!!!"
"What's wrong Darling; are you hurt?"
"No.... (Sob, wail) I've eaten a pip!"
"Oh, it's ok honey.........don't worry, it won't hurt you"
 "(Sob,wail, sob,wail)...but.... but ....I don't want a tree to grow in my tummy Mummy!"

Debbie Razey 2014