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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Always better to care!

A blessing to have loved and lost, thus to have felt with an open, whole heart - always better to care
A gift to maintain belief in the power of love, to soar on wings of hope; faith - always better to care

Solace we've all sought and can be found in the most bizarre, non-conformist of people and places 
Peace permeates deepest into the soul when shared with another; empathy - always better to care

Humbled by the gratitude and faith of others who are often the ones who have suffered the most 
Content in knowing you have consoled another's despair, the reward is yours - always better to care

Pain and trauma, of which we may never experience or understand, but is reality to those who relive 
Wounds and scars can be controlled and healed by kindness of words or deeds - always better to care

Often shunned, ignored and judged or condemned by society as unfit, undeserving or unclean
Inner demons, hatred and self loathing can be controlled through compassion - always better to care

Unquantifiable, inexplainable remorse, guilt, despair and loss; bereft of all hope, of ever feeling whole 
Sadness and grief can be cajoled by a touch or an outstretched giving hand - always better to care

Even when surrounded by people, physically, one can feel isolated, lost, invisible and without worth 
A dark hole of loneliness can be penetrated and illuminated by a simple smile - always better to care

When rescued, helped or shown love from another, we may be humbled and rendered empowered
Gratitude for whole love, given to us, will cascade and radiate out to others - always better to care 

Imprisoned, shackled by past hurts or injustices that we have incurred, may leave us bitter and raw
Forgiving others and indeed ourselves; a role of selfless, unconditional love - always better to care

When in times of plenty, calm; it is easy to become complacent and to forget how fragile we are
Hunger satisfied; thirst can be quenched; charity given with love, the soul - always better to care

Depression, abuse, bulling often leave scars unseen and real obstacles in the way of true recovery
Fear; vulnerability can be controlled even eradicated through love's protection - always better to care

Medicine is often not enough as pain can devour a person's life, relationship, job and self worth 
Support strengthens, gives stamina to go on when in a deep hole of pain - always better to care

Free in monetary value, but something of which we become very defensive and unwilling to share;
the role of giving precious time, facing the unknown, not alone; insurmountable - always better to care

Simple in theory; obvious to many, but all too often missed or undervalued, by not doing thoroughly 
Listening to and sharing another's problem is halving it's whole impotence - always better to care

Kinder, loving towards our fellow men and to see not their label, race, gender, status or social class
Acceptance by others; seeing beyond stigmas that I have known; is the goal - always better to care

Debbie Razey 2014