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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Hiding under the duvet 
Pillow absorbing her tears 
Wondering how her once fairy-tale love
Has turned into paralysing fear 

Wanting so much to please him  
But never quite getting it right
Blaming herself for his actions
"I must be too uptight"

Becoming an expert in make up
Her eyes finding it hard to conceal
Taking daily abuse and repeated beatings 
Waiting for the blood to congeal 

Her mind and body battered... broken
Her will stripped of the energy to fight
She decides to remain in her bedroom
Safe... out of plain sight

Madeleine, suddenly a stranger
To both her family and friends
They didn't think to check in on her
Although they regretted this in the end

Madeleine was found beaten unconscious 
Days after the attack had ensued 
By the emergency gas inspector 
Only found... as he had to intrude

She never recovered from that beating
Her family, devastated by their loss
Look for signs of abuse in a loved one to turn a blind eye, comes at too great a cost! 

© Debbie Razey 2015