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Monday, 3 November 2014

Mum.... (Written for my children)

There's a tapping at my window

There's a creaking of my door

There's a footstep on the stair

...and Mum I've heard this all before

There's a shadow at my curtains

There's a twitching of my blinds

There's a dulling of my nightlight

...and Mum I'm scared of what I'll find

I know it can't be Santa because it isn't Christmas Eve

I know it can't be the Tooth Fairy because I still have all my teeth

I know it can't be the Dream Keeper because I am still awake

I know it can't be monsters because *I'm six* ...for goodness sake

I feel I'm getting sleepy

I feel my pillow's soft

I feel my eyelids shutting

...and Mum I know it's not Jack Frost

                                            Now Sweetheart settle into slumber

                                            Now Sweetheart sleep away the night

                                            Now Sweetheart cross over into dreamland 

                                    Mr Sandman can regain his flight 

 © Debbie Razey 2014