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Thursday, 16 April 2015


...lie back

let me...


....every inch

of your...


with my




© Debbie Razey 2015

The Ifs, Buts and Whys

Blurred lines dance between you and I
Sharp is your edge that makes me cry
Gone are the days of love-filled eyes
Painful truths... I flavour with lies 

Where is the bond that was once strong?
The certainty that we belonged?
How did we get it so darn wrong?
My heart weeps... melancholy songs

I fear it's time for our goodbye
Although we blatantly deny 
Our fairytale has gone awry 
Together, lonesome... we do lie

For loves return, I do so long
Your sweet affection I do mourn
We've lost each other in life's throng
We've only made... the first furlong 

Our masquerade is no disguise
Storm clouds visible in our skies
Our love free-falls to its demise 
Questions haunt... the ifs, buts and whys

© Debbie Razey 2015