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Saturday, 23 May 2015


Chill no more, my sweet, my mind it does embrace you
I will protect you from the night's ill winds of pain
Our feast has just begun, it has not ended
I will feast on you and you, on me again

Your words caress my fantasies, my dark desires
My hunger starts and ends with you...
You invade my thoughts in every waking hour
Please feast, on me until you've had your fill

All sense of control, it has vanished: it does escape me
My heart held hostage, bound tightly with your words
So far away, yet I can almost reach out and touch you
Sliding down my thoughts; fever burns; it penetrates

Our words entwine, lost lingering in the ether
Your presence felt; it caresses, electrifies my skin
Our desire; it travels and brings us ever closer
To you I surrender and, if it be so, let it be a sin.

Now let me kiss you tenderly back to your slumber
I wish to run my fingers through your wayward wanton hair
As I sit here, I imagine, I'm watching you whilst sleeping
For your safe keeping and return I'll say a prayer

© Debbie Razey 2016


White paper-masked, featureless faces
A cold tacky hand through a violet latex warm glove
Beeping and flashing lurid lights of fate
Monopolising the whole room's solemn gaze

Wheezing, laboured, shallow, rattled breath
Bare chest, sucking in too sharply; disturbing to behold
Pupils, darkling embers of nothingness 
Wires everywhere... mind a frenzied jumbled haze

Clock hands torturing the taut echoed minutes
Unopened plastic triangular sandwich, two days out of date
Nails deeply dug into palms; no sensation 
Barbed-wire prognosis; response... crazed! 

Inaudible screams, yet the silence deafens
Voice disconnected; tears of drought sting and burn
Ugly distorted mouths moving torridly
Green scrub-hat heads with eyebrows raised

Empty Thomas The Tank Engine slippers 
Tousled sun-kissed, silken locks breathed in; deeply inhaled
Toy train track, untouched, encircling tiny limp body
Pleading... begging... prayers; prayed... and prayed...

Little ashen bandaged hand; bruised and swollen
Lifts like a ghost, a vision of timeless beauty beheld
A dilated abyss floods blue pools of iris... those eyes still haunt me
The voice, thought to be heard no more, chimes... I'm still amazed!!! 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Do you think of me at all?

Like sweet amber pellucid honey, my mind pours 
you seductively through my wanton fingers; 
leaving me with only an unpleasant sticky residue, 
that I just can't bring myself to cleanse 

On my temples, I feel you scratch at my brain 
as you're tattooed across my thoughts 
I hear your fists pound on the doors of my 
consciousness and it's proving harder now to ignore

Upon awakening,  my warm body yearns fervently; 
moist in the memory of what is now only a dalliant dream 
My mind dances where you should be and I hear myself 
silently moan, tasting the shape of your precious name 

Your face burns its image into my eyelids
When I close my eyes, you are all that I see
Your hands haunt my skin,  in wistful daydreams of torment
My tears, the only jewels you ever gave me, 
glisten as they adorn my cheeks

My heart's still lost, stolen 
from my empty rusting birdcage of a chest; 
it's door painfully left swinging open 
Oh how its banging; just won't let me sleep 
Please, along with your words, return my heart to me

Every song I hear has become laced with gut-wrenching
undertones of our conversations once sung
Your words; chanting in my head, their melody so bitter sweet 
Lyrics; jeering at the irony of the echoes that haunt my eggshell sanity

I wonder if you think of me at all?
If you see me staring back from your own reflection?  
If our words of love, chime in lucent hues relentlessly in your ears?
Do you catch glimpses of me in crowds or in a passing taxi? 

Upon wakening; does your body fever and ache ardently, 
with memories of our insatiable thirst... never quenched?
Does my winsome heart weigh heavy upon your own?
Do you miss my scent, my taste, my touch; my every miniscule detail?

Please now, tell me... 
Put me out of my misery... 
Do you think of me at all? 

© Debbie Razey 2014


I fell for you
as does a star from the sky
I bled for you
but you did not hear me cry 
I yearned for you
as does the moon for the sun
I dreamt of you 
but still to me you did not come

I ached for you 
as do the shipwrecked for a boat
I felt your presence
but only as if touched by a ghost
I looked for you
as does an astronomer in the dark 
I reached for you
but came just short of the mark 

I still want you near
but know you'll alway be free 
I still write for you my love
Do you read my words... please tell me! 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Poor Alice

plates spinning
in the air and I
suspect that the Hatter's too few 
I asked the caterpillar to refrain from smoking
as the Queen of Hearts threatened to sue and where's that rabbit...why is he always so late? 
My poor tired feet and I've had nothing to eat!! Little did I know when I fell down that death-trap of a rabbit hole... that this would be my fate! 

© Debbie Razey 2015