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Thursday, 4 July 2019

6 Years And Counting... M.E.

Horse kicks to back that never leave
Radiates down hips... to my knees
Cracked-glass ribs shatter, when I sneeze
My body temp... lava to freeze  

My brain it drills electric holes
My pain writhes, sears and Hell unfolds Weighted down on bed... chokehold  
Yet still, no help for us... I’m told

My neck too fragile for my head
I rattle now with all the meds
Despite my best, M.E.... can’t shed
Nicknamed aptly... “The Living Dead”  

Weak, limp muscles and hands that drop
Unsupported, cannot sit up
On days like this, I beg it... “STOP!”
It’s all I have... to not give up 

I lose the key to words, unlock
Life decimated... left in shock
I’m now no more than a stopped clock
Why is M.E.... fair game to mock?

My blood pressure waves, peak and trough
And yet, so called friend, still...  she scoffs
In moonlit hours I reach... ENOUGH!!!
Thank God for you of endless love 

No fuel, to eat, breathe or greet 
Reduced to putrid rotting meat
To block out sound... no easy feat 
Thundering in ears... own heartbeat 

Light also now, no friend of mine 
Spend days blacked-out... lose track of time 
Text nonsensical, blurred mazed rhyme
For all I do... I pay the fine

Yet, still I hope and dream and pray 
That my health will... return one day

That I’ll no longer live afraid  
Of living, rest of life... this way 

© Debbie Razey 2019