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Wednesday, 1 August 2018


In moments of obliteration 
I steal away in contemplation 
As the empty is too hard to bear
Would only solidify... if shared

So I seek a nook beyond my mind 
Where the faint of heart won't tread to find
As the path is thorny, plagued by truth 
With an underbelly lost on youth

Pure minds, who've not yet the apple had
Who've only savoured one shade of sad
A bliss often missed and ne'er perceived 
Until in retrospect... hearts they bleed 

For, what I once desired... haunts me still  
I have no power against its will
And yet in gratitude, peace I find 
As it quells the potholes, pain has mined  

So from the dank darkness of my delf 
I have, in time, gained a richer wealth 
One without the woe, would ne'er have been
My greatest blessings... remained unseen

© Debbie Razey 2018