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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Ribboned Possibilities

As I stand on burning embers of the past 
I watch myself, the younger version of me, 
falling.. dreaming through time's murky
tobacco-stained clouds, smudged by tears
A single blackbird's feather lingers, foreboding;
a sign I unwittingly missed or chose to ignore
Treading through the mire of expectations,
misplaced loyalty, idealism and molten fear 

So many sand grains I have futilely squandered; 
and, for what, an imagined fairytale fictitious love
Was I, am I... really that scared to be alone? 
Oh how I wish I could recycle every spent clock face; 
using each as a stepping stone to venture boldly
to where I've not yet been brave enough to be...
beyond the clouds of dreary, muddied conformity 

Now I step into the uncharted azure: to realise both my 
rainbow-hued dreams and my unclaimed identity 
My self-belief's lantern now lit, burning fervently, 
it is time at last... it's time that I finally meet me
A mercury balloon, filled with more than just my reflection,
I'll let myself go... I'll allow myself to float on free; 
a plethora of ribboned possibilities... just for me! 

© Debbie Razey 2014