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Monday, 31 March 2014

Beauteous Books

Sing to me, oh book of poetic verse
Make me your scholar of poetry
Tantalise me with your stanzas
Perplex me with your odes and laments
Caress my soul with your rich tapestry of words

Oh speak to me, sacred manuscript of old
Whisper to me your truths
Tell of your forebodings
Divulge to me your wisdom
From which I may glean and learn

Narrate to me, fictitious novel
Channel me through your twists of plot
Evoke in me, sentimental attachment to characters
Entice me with every page
Allow me to live an alternate fate

Guide me and inform me, journal of knowledge
Explain and disclose facts, of which I'm unaware 
Dispel myth, and account to me historical realities
Change my perception of the world 
Educate me, so I may nurture an informed opinion

Allure my inner wanton... passionate read of vice
Enable me to delve into the realms of erotic fantasy
Quench my desire to be aroused
Distract me from my wasteland of carnal urges
Rekindle the embers of scorching trysts past

Entertain me, bestseller, with laughter and autobiographical quirks
Foster a sense of intimacy between us
Walk me through your life and challenges 
Share with me your deepest fears and times of elation
Allow me to know someone... I otherwise may not have met

Make a storyteller of me, archaic fable of youth
Envelop my offspring in wonders I once knew
Lead them to fairy-tale abodes that I did once frequent
Awaken imagination through vocabulary rich with rhyme
Soothe them to dreamful sleep, steeped in make-believe galore 

Without the joy of books, my life would have been stale and bereft
Awe, lost within the dredge of the mundane
Experiences never witnessed or understood
Emotions never encouraged or realised
Thoughts never discovered or attuned

© Debbie Razey 2014