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Friday, 29 May 2015


At dawn's first breath...

saffron gossamer sunbeams

kiss tenderly 

sleepy clouds



upon breeze

© Debbie Razey 2015

Sunday, 24 May 2015




Hope abandoned 

...disillusioned beyond repair

Into the darkling abyss she stares... 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Chill no more, my sweet, my mind it does embrace you
I will protect you from the night's ill winds of pain
Our feast has just begun, it has not ended
I will feast on you and you, on me again

Your words caress my fantasies, my dark desires
My hunger starts and ends with you...
You invade my thoughts in every waking hour
Please feast, on me until you've had your fill

All sense of control, it has vanished: it does escape me
My heart held hostage, bound tightly with your words
So far away, yet I can almost reach out and touch you
Sliding down my thoughts; fever burns; it penetrates

Our words entwine, lost lingering in the ether
Your presence felt; it caresses, electrifies my skin
Our desire; it travels and brings us ever closer
To you I surrender and, if it be so, let it be a sin.

Now let me kiss you tenderly back to your slumber
I wish to run my fingers through your wayward wanton hair
As I sit here, I imagine, I'm watching you whilst sleeping
For your safe keeping and return I'll say a prayer

© Debbie Razey 2016


White paper-masked, featureless faces
A cold tacky hand through a violet latex warm glove
Beeping and flashing lurid lights of fate
Monopolising the whole room's solemn gaze

Wheezing, laboured, shallow, rattled breath
Bare chest, sucking in too sharply; disturbing to behold
Pupils, darkling embers of nothingness 
Wires everywhere... mind a frenzied jumbled haze

Clock hands torturing the taut echoed minutes
Unopened plastic triangular sandwich, two days out of date
Nails deeply dug into palms; no sensation 
Barbed-wire prognosis; response... crazed! 

Inaudible screams, yet the silence deafens
Voice disconnected; tears of drought sting and burn
Ugly distorted mouths moving torridly
Green scrub-hat heads with eyebrows raised

Empty Thomas The Tank Engine slippers 
Tousled sun-kissed, silken locks breathed in; deeply inhaled
Toy train track, untouched, encircling tiny limp body
Pleading... begging... prayers; prayed... and prayed...

Little ashen bandaged hand; bruised and swollen
Lifts like a ghost, a vision of timeless beauty beheld
A dilated abyss floods blue pools of iris... those eyes still haunt me
The voice, thought to be heard no more, chimes... I'm still amazed!!! 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Do you think of me at all?

Like sweet amber pellucid honey, my mind pours 
you seductively through my wanton fingers; 
leaving me with only an unpleasant sticky residue, 
that I just can't bring myself to cleanse 

On my temples, I feel you scratch at my brain 
as you're tattooed across my thoughts 
I hear your fists pound on the doors of my 
consciousness and it's proving harder now to ignore

Upon awakening,  my warm body yearns fervently; 
moist in the memory of what is now only a dalliant dream 
My mind dances where you should be and I hear myself 
silently moan, tasting the shape of your precious name 

Your face burns its image into my eyelids
When I close my eyes, you are all that I see
Your hands haunt my skin,  in wistful daydreams of torment
My tears, the only jewels you ever gave me, 
glisten as they adorn my cheeks

My heart's still lost, stolen 
from my empty rusting birdcage of a chest; 
it's door painfully left swinging open 
Oh how its banging; just won't let me sleep 
Please, along with your words, return my heart to me

Every song I hear has become laced with gut-wrenching
undertones of our conversations once sung
Your words; chanting in my head, their melody so bitter sweet 
Lyrics; jeering at the irony of the echoes that haunt my eggshell sanity

I wonder if you think of me at all?
If you see me staring back from your own reflection?  
If our words of love, chime in lucent hues relentlessly in your ears?
Do you catch glimpses of me in crowds or in a passing taxi? 

Upon wakening; does your body fever and ache ardently, 
with memories of our insatiable thirst... never quenched?
Does my winsome heart weigh heavy upon your own?
Do you miss my scent, my taste, my touch; my every miniscule detail?

Please now, tell me... 
Put me out of my misery... 
Do you think of me at all? 

© Debbie Razey 2014


I fell for you
as does a star from the sky
I bled for you
but you did not hear me cry 
I yearned for you
as does the moon for the sun
I dreamt of you 
but still to me you did not come

I ached for you 
as do the shipwrecked for a boat
I felt your presence
but only as if touched by a ghost
I looked for you
as does an astronomer in the dark 
I reached for you
but came just short of the mark 

I still want you near
but know you'll alway be free 
I still write for you my love
Do you read my words... please tell me! 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Poor Alice

plates spinning
in the air and I
suspect that the Hatter's too few 
I asked the caterpillar to refrain from smoking
as the Queen of Hearts threatened to sue and where's that rabbit...why is he always so late? 
My poor tired feet and I've had nothing to eat!! Little did I know when I fell down that death-trap of a rabbit hole... that this would be my fate! 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Thursday, 21 May 2015


With each misguided step we take, 
we are closer to our goal 
Upon life's ladder of misfortune,
ironically, it appears... 
we must break, before appreciating whole

The dark and light they compliment, 
there is solace in the grey 
The bottle drowns; for God, religions war
...there must be another way 

So take my hand, my poetic friend 
and with words we'll soothe the cracks 
The wounds... they will heal, 
enlightenment will... reveal;
we'll need, no longer to look back

For with this glue, of our kindred bond,
like minded others we'll attract
Together as one, we'll embrace the world,  
the hatred we'll extract

Sharing words of peace, sharing words of love 
encouraging the world to get along...
Then in a world awash with new empathy
...we'll finally belong 

© Debbie Razey 2015


Sky-lantern sent, 
with love, 
from me to you
My heart remembers...
precious times

...too few 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Reincarnated Love

Carve a hole out for me
Where I can nestle in your words
Don't forget to search for me
Don't get trampled by the herd
Because I know you are missing... I feel it... where you belong
I hear the promise of your whisper within wistful love-fuelled songs

I've been searching my whole life for something I feel that I have lost
Perhaps with each reincarnation, further apart we have been tossed
Deep within my gut, I know, love's compass points to you
It would be such a comfort to know, though, that you are missing me too

I find myself daydreaming of how you now may look
I feel you ever closer; our union preordained... not down to luck 
One thing I know for sure, though, from the very core of my soul 
When I put my head upon your chest, our jigsaw will be whole
So tonight, as you gaze at the clear crystal constellations above 
Please orienteer yourself back to me as I'm dying without your love 
Each day's getting more painful, I find it harder and harder to breathe
I just need you here now... this time please promise not to leave
As the dawn rises reluctantly, bleeding light into the day
I close my eyes and pray to God that today will be the day 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Fairy Child

She dreams in hues of pale rainbows 
Bathes in moon's ethereal glow
Carves in air, angels of the snow
Her mind... she knows, her mind... she knows

Awash in words, their endless ebb
Upon each lily-pad she steps 
Drinks jewelled rain drops from a web
Heart full of pep, heart full of pep

Her favourite tunes are lullabies
With paper planes her hours do fly
...metamorphosing butterfly 
Large sapphire eyes, large sapphire eyes 

Collecting pebbles on the beach
Innocent heart, she doth us teach 
Her perspective... just out of reach 
Her smile's her speech, her smile's her speech

For she is made of gentle stuff
Although for her life can be tough
Eye-contact, touch she may rebuff 
...her love's enough, ...her love's enough

© Debbie Razey 2015

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Blighted Hero

I care way too darn much... I care way too darn deep
Reality hurts so I drink to stay asleep
I'm haunted by many reoccurring nightmares
of memories that I just can no longer bear
Copious tears I have drunk from the vinyard's vine,
that hasten my darkling and spiraling decline
into depression's lonely lurid abyss;
where I flirt tragically with death's karma kiss

Please, now believe me... I was not always this way 
Army rules, I once submissively did obey
I have fought, bled and grafted for my bless'ed homeland
My "welcome home" heralded by a grateful Band
As together for our fallen brothers we mourned;
a medal of valour upon me they adorned 
A country, once so proud of their galant hero; 
but now... no longer wish, of me and mine, to know

I've become a stain on their pristine, perfect sheet,
a part of history they now wish to delete
As the war, I fought, is now under scrutiny; 
now a deviant... through fulfilling my duty 
No rehabilitation...  I struggle to cope  
To protect my kin... I thought it best I elope
All alone on Civvy Street... I do not belong   
...drunkenly singing, proud, my old regiment's song 

So please do not judge me on what you now, in me, see
I'm a casualty of war... reduced to debris 
Some fear; even pity me and some think me insane 
Truth is... I've invisible wounds that torment my brain
For the deaths of my comrades and enemies, I've wept
No longer a robot programmed to fight and protect
Oh when will the world's fear, greed and hatred decrease? 
I yearn the day, the world and I... are free to find peace 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


This song just gets me or should I say that I get it
Despite my best effort to concentrate, it just will not quit
It's playing on repeat continuously, loud and clear within my mind
The rhythm's got a hold of me; I'm actually shaking my behind

The melody's familiar and yet today was its first airplay
I'll have memorised each and every lyric, by the end of the day
The lyrics tell our story and yet, I'm sure I have not told
Music always makes me so happy, it stops me from feeling old

Whilst driving into work today with the windows wound right down
My driver seat dancing and karaoke, erased a bemused spectator's frown
My voice is feeling hoarse now, from screaming out the words
For this song is my new best friend, the greatest thing I've ever heard

So as my boyfriend says to me "babe you gotta listen to this tune"
I reply with a smile and a "oh honey" feeling my heart begin to swoon
Sensing, from the smile just shared... that this will be OUR forever tune.

© Debbie Razey 2015

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Your glass-shard words splinter my heart
If this is love, I'd rather part
Need not your words that condescend 
To be my lover, first be friend

Within your eyes the love has gone
I feel no warmth, set has our sun
But do you need to turn the knife? 
Bleeding what's left, I cling to life

For you have taken all I was
Filtered me through the finest gauze
As I, now liquid drain away
I know not why... I chose to stay 

© Debbie Razey 2015


me and you
you and we
we and them
them and we
we and you
you and me

...and so it goes on...

and yet...

ALL are one
...beneath one sun

ONE are we...


...when with LOVE we see

© Debbie Razey 2015 

(DISCLAIMER - This image may be subject to copyright. I do not claim to own this image or it's copyright)

Monday, 11 May 2015


Every little freckle
Every little hair 
Every little beauty-spot
...I'd miss if you weren't here

© Debbie Razey 2015 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Empty Eggshell Blue

precarious teetering towers of mismatch crockery 
loom upon the kitchen's kitsch, eggshell blue dresser
awaiting the dawn's light, to ignite the incandescent in the hanging cutlery...
she hugs her coffee mug tighter; as she emerges, finally, from feeling lesser 
inviting the sun to banish the dark, creeping-ivy upon her soul 
she undoubtedly, will still have to, by herself, unpick the whole...
sum of her thoughts and the events, that have paved her path here 
but in the pale ambience of morn, she sits now ready to face her fears
...her deep seated fear... of herself 
...that she'll be left on the shelf...
with the lonesome tatty teapot... for which no one cares 

© Debbie Razey 2015