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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Patter Merchant (haiku)

he filled in the gaps
her soul so wanted to hear
- patter merchant's words
Debbie Razey 2014 


It happened six seconds from now
The world as we knew it ended
Human species became extinct....
What have we learned; what do we know?
What difference will we achieve?
Will our footprint be washed away?

We are but a blink of time's eye
A dandelion spore on breeze
A dust particle in sunlight
A grain within the Sahara
A plankter in our Blue Planet
A platelet in all living veins

Although to someone - everything
A ray of hope in the abyss
A catalyst to affect change
A scientist who invents cures
A hero who protects the weak
Insignificant........LOVE is not! 

Debbie Razey 2014




are his
eyes,  blind from
birth,  and his mind sees
clearly; tactiles, sounds, scents, flavours
Beauty is experienced through his heightened  senses

rain's fresh taste,
velvet's soft caress,
sweet melodic song of the birds
and passionate words of poetry transcend from Braille, 

In fact I
wonder, through his lack
of sight, does he perceive more awe
Does sight blind others to much that life has to offer? 

Debbie Razey 2014

Den of Iniquity (haiku)

iniquities' den
in which lost souls find a home
- hope's light burns brightly 

#haiku #micropoetry #poetry #violetmoon

Debbie 2014