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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Umbrella Love

the mirrored pavement,
at our feet; 
the lamp's light
it splinters,
the street

beneath this 
we are 
dry and warm;
in love's 
sweet solace spectrum 
safe together  
from life's
raging storms

© Debbie Razey 2015

This Book Of Me

There are many things I am
Things that make me, *me*
I am empathic litmus paper 
to all the suffering that I perceive 

I've been the gasoline poured
on a lover's wanton flame 
I am often quite nostalgic 
wishing things would stay the same

I can be confusingly contrary -
an animal lover who still eats meat?!?
In my youth, sometimes flirtatious 
whisking admirers off their feet

I can be painfully naive 
just as a teen's first love
Usually peaceful and serene
just as the wild but gentle dove 

I'm like the hardy dandelion seed
surfing daydreams in the air
I've occasionally been a game player
but I've always tried to play fair 

I'm a wanderlust driven soul 
seeking to lie beneath the stars
A great lover of eclectic music 
the only common denominator - guitar 

I'm an echo friendly warrior 
who cares passionately about the earth
A proud mother of three 
and I wallow in their mirth 

You see there are many sides to me
Just like you, I am not one thing
I am multifaceted and unique 
like the precious diamond on my ring 

So please take your time to know me
do not judge me on what you see
There are many chapters still unread
in this book... that is me 

© Debbie Razey 2015