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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Helping Hands

Balancing my heart and mind does not come naturally

Teetering on life's tightrope, trying to avoid calamity

Striving for equilibrium has always been a chore

I've fallen off so many times and landed on the floor

My heart, you see, it is disproportionate with my brain

Having a heart so large, has often left me drained

However it's the way I'm made, it's essentially who I am

What you see is what you get, with me there is no scam

So over time I've learned to fall and how to get back up

I've also learned to tread cautiously, the rest has been down to luck 

Actually, that's not quite true as I've been helped, from time to time

A friend has walked hand in hand with me, whose heart is as big as mine

Side by side, facing opposite ends, we've somehow muddled through

How we've avoided all the obstacles, though, I really have no clue 

Especially every now and then when the view has become obscured

Although with our hearts, that are so large, we have each other reassured 

What I'm trying to say is two hearts, like minds, are definitely better than one

In fact working together empathically, we have now indeed learned to run

Imagine then, if we all walked together lovingly; each of us hand in hand

There would be no difficulties, great enough, that we could not, withstand 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Deft Fantasy

Beneath moonlight erupts deft fantasy
Riding night's breeze serene on winged achene
Imagination seen so lucidly 
Where stars and moons collide within our dreams
Here myth and lore take on a new pretence 
Grand castle keeps and mountain peeks ascend 
Amidst moonbeams the small becomes immense  
The wily wolf our confidant and friend 
Though hidden deep we all seek fairy tales 
The happy ending ever-after prize
Making up villains and we still pretend
We all prefer azure to dismal skies 
So are we figments within illusion 
All still children swept up in confusion 

© Debbie Razey 2015 both poem and art