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Friday, 7 November 2014

If I Were A Tree

If I were a tree, I'd wish to be 
An eclectic amalgamation of several species 

I'd have leaves of sanguine, in the Fall
Like the ancient Sequoia I'd stand majestic and tall

I'd weep my Cherry Blossom in the Spring
Be adorned at Christmas; around me children would sing 

I'd bear fruit aplenty for both mammals and birds
Be as legendary as the Willow; a muse for penned words 

From my boughs; life would hang, grow and perch
I'd be medicinal and hardy to pollution, as is the Silver Birch

I'd cast off the Spinning Jenny and watch her dance
Be as elegant as the Wisteria; the tree symbolic of romance

I'd provide beauty, air, shelter, shade and wood 
Protect and home as many of earth's dwellers as I could

 © Debbie Razey 2014