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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Wretched Heart

Wretched Heart

Cold mist envelops her from above - condemning her to trudge silently through the languid, filthy water upon the desolate marsh
The wind whispers to her; tormenting her demented, manic mind with regrets she cannot, dare not face
Raw from sordid lust, she wails - her lover's blood still glistening, warm and fresh, upon her shaking hands and splattered face 
Her torn, soiled, dank dress drags along the barren ground; weighing heavy - mirroring her lead drenched heart

Her heart; he had ripped out and a thousand dreams he had squandered - for on adultery's bed, unbeknown to her, they had lain
The smell of sweet summer sweat no longer lingered upon her satin skin or long, wayward raven hair
Their nights filled with stars, passion and promises of love had been shattered irreparably by all the wretched, loathsome lies

© Debbie Razey 2014