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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Time echoes the clarity of hindsight

Halloween Dare

Tonight was the night!
Four young teens
... armed with a plan.
Rucksack and torch equipped;
with new found freedom they had formed a clan. 
The night sky adorned with a magnificent full moon;
two hours left before their parents had ordered curfew. 
Their annual Halloween's festive dare,
with adrenaline pumping rapidly,
they were not even a bit scared.

Miss Hoyle had long since passed.
Her house for years stood empty and was of ill-repute;
all windows and doors boarded tightly shut.
Mounting the gate, they had confidence aplenty;
their only deterrent the neighbouring mutt.
The window boards were easily prised open,
two boys demonstrating their male prowess.
The two girls were glowing and dressed to kill
(best friends from the start of pre-school)
were drunk on sheer sensation of thrill.

Upon entering the old dilapidated house,
they rejoiced in their great accomplishment;
quickly lighting up their illicit cigarettes.
They roamed the house with foolhardy confidence;
downing cheap cider from the bottle neck.
Finally they met back in the dank, gloomy lounge,
where they lit several candles from their zippo lighter.    
It was then they chalked out the sequence of Ouija;
the girls taking great pains to get it correct;
while the boys contemplated ordering favourite pizza.

With packets of crisps eaten and more cider drunk;
they formed a tight circle to perform a seance,
concentrating with all of their might.
Although all four, secretly thinking it only a farce,
they proceeded in the dim candle-light.
It was then that things started to go crazy;
the glass spinning recklessly out of control.
The house heaved and echoed profusely
as words were spelled out before their eyes;
their primal sense of fear awoken acutely.

It was obvious now no-one was pushing,
when the glass took on a mind of its own.
All four teens, transfixed and scared equally,
the message derived clearly became cause for concern.
They had summoned a type of evil deity; 
the word the spirit repeatedly spelled out was "death".
The boys suddenly turned a whole shade greener
as the girls tried, in vain, to ask it politely to leave.
It was then that Alan decided to up and flee,
now dawning on him how they'd been so naive.

An ungodly vortex appeared directly before them,
sucking poor terrified Alan helplessly, violently away.
The remaining three jumped to their feet and clawed at the window,
while darkish fiend-like creatures from within passed through.
The teens' faces etched deeply with panic and harrow,
their fingertips bled as they reached for the light.
All that was left behind was the rucksack, torch and empty bottle;
the house standing vacant and eerily quiet once more.
As the candles wavered; the Ouija inscriptions melted to dust;
the only noise was the old swing creaking by the rear door.

So beware this Hallows' Eve; of myths, legends and of the unseen!
The four teens; Kate, Lisa, John and Alan were never seen again.
Commemorated religiously, within our town... every Halloween.
 © Debbie Razey 2014


head cleared of contents
 in order to see the light
- pumpkin fills the air

Original photo and poem by © Debbie Razey 2014


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

All Hallows Eve

Eve Night, 
filled with fright
(so the legend goes) 
as souls of the dead return home
Although today's Halloween is a much more fun scene
with Jack O'lanterns, "Trick-or-Treat" sweets and scary costumes... enjoyed by both young and old! 

© Debbie Razey 2014


Ashen Grace

Cold sweats...
her slumber stirs;
moths trapped inside ribcage 
Iced finger-tips trace down her spine 
...she waits

Breath quick;
eyes tightly shut
...paralysed; struck by fear 
Heartbeat amplified; deafening
...he's near

her heart in throat...
her sanity unfurls
Draws blood with fingernails... her screams

Day dawns
the night has gone
...she lies in ashen grace
Cold...yet clearly her fear still etched 
on face

© Debbie Razey 2014

Art by Maja Topcagic 

Passion's Thirst (Micropoetry)

Be my
so I can 
in your
pool of

in your
so to

© Debbie Razey 2014

Monday, 27 October 2014


When the floods of retribution hit
and the glaciers melt as our hearts freeze
Then will we heed what we've been forewarned?

When the Arc we thought inconsequential 
becomes more than a necessity

Will we emerge from this hibernation of ignorance? 

The skies wane above us... so clear to see

The oceanic life depletes... oil drenched tirelessly

Will the animal kingdom then turn to technology 

...I think not! 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (senryu)

medical 'zebras'

rare in condition and heart - 

they have earned their stripes 

Debbie Razey 2014

Azure sky (senryu)

blue tinged memories
camouflaged within my mood
- azure skies restores

Debbie Razey 2014 

Lucid Dream

Shedding perceptions, one veil at a time 
Stepping out from beneath fear's canopy
Skating the serpentine energy plains
Seeing finally... what I'm meant to see
Subliminally... through a lucid dream 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Individually a 'We'

I do not see your colour 
race, ethnicity
or your religion, caste, creed,
status, nationality  

               I see you... as I see me

I do not see your gender, 
or your profession, I.Q.
physique, disability 

               I see us all... as a 'we'

© Debbie Razey 2014

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Not yet

Left alone with my dreams 
Lost...  in a you-shaped space
Friendship ended too soon
Although we were never face to face

My heart still thinks of you 
Mind wandering to where you are at
Music triggers conversations spent 
Oh how I miss our impromptu chats

Never to share the majestic night sky 
Or to experience each other physically  
Confined, each by our own now 
Not yet... able to break free

© Debbie Razey 2014

Monday, 20 October 2014

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Next Generation

I fear for the next
generation's innocence 
- grief and hate-drenched hearts

their clear azure skies 
polluted by greed and war
- let love radiate 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Eden (senryu)

serpentine tendrils 

cascade down her arched bare back

- echoes from Eden  

© Debbie Razey 2014

Art by Arkady Ostritsky 

The Blues (senryu/haiku)

marooned upon rocks
unknown waters encompass
- immersed in the blues 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Artist Sarah Trefny

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Awoken (tanka)

My first and last thought
...body and mind, yearns for you 
Awoken my soul
...melted all inhibitions 
I see clearly... breathe anew 

Debbie Razey 2014


Monday, 13 October 2014

Light within (tanka)

Night invigorates
mind of possibilities; 
blanketed by day
Convention over shadows
own light simmering within 

Debbie Razey 2014


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Carmine Sky

night's carmine tinged sky
burning today's silhouettes
- embers ignite dawn 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Empty Boat (tanka)

Empty boat, filled with 
thoughts of you... oh how I'd love 
to lie here beneath 
this coral, amber muddied 
autumn sky... one day with you

Debbie Razey 2014 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Ancient Wisdom (fibonacci)

We know;
Have progressed
Though I fear we don't
Understand, no longer relate 
To the reality of actual existence. 
Ancient philosophy, eclipsed by the misconception of scientific knowledge.

Our whole lives.
Darwinian strive
Blinkers our deep intrinsic need
For an empathic civilisation to unfurl.
Our planet's imminent extinction; we've paved in war, pollution, destruction and gold

Back to
Wisdoms of
Old; Quantum Physics
Recall energy shapes matter.
Consciousness, love and positive thought can save our world.
Become masters of our own bodies; find balance and harmony; learn to live as one.

Can transform 
Be one 'World Nation'; at last whole
Thrive, transcend to superior possibilities.
Through compassion, truth, nurture and conviction; a new anthropic beginning... not end

Debbie Razey 2014


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Breeze (haiku)

Gaia's gentle breath
master choreographer
- peaceful spectacle

Debbie Razey 2014

Ebola (haiku)

Ebola's long arm
of death claws it's way further
- loved ones hugged tightly 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Burning Darkness

When it's time for the darkness to begin burning vivid, horrendous images 
onto your retinas; consuming you with night terrors... leaving you undone
Who will be there to remind you that you're safe and that your mission is done?

When the sweats, shakes, tics, pain and panic ravage at your body;
your breath and sanity prove hard to find... as you take cover on the floor
Who will be there to help you back to you feet; to stand tall again once more?

When you're wrestling with your conscience over things that you were forced to do
Overwhelmed by survivor's guilt, despair and grief for comrades... friends lost
Who will be there for you to scream at, cry, offload to; if you ever feel that you can accost?

When everyday sounds, smells trigger flashbacks and you relive the trauma all over again
Left frustrated, angry, numb, isolated; all crowds, strangers, gatherings...potential threats
Who will be there to remind you that for your sacrifices, we are, as a country in your debt?

Let us not leave them to fight this burning darkness ~ *Combat PTSD*... alone 

© Debbie Razey 2014

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Don't worry
I get it...
really.... it's ok
I just need you to know...
I wanted you every conceivable way

So if the feeling ever takes you...
catch a ferry to my arms
or jet across the sky to me...
from your somewhere
...far away

Until that day
I'll see you...
in my thoughts...
each and every day
Thinking of what could've been
...wishing my delusions had stayed 

© Debbie Razey 2015


Spine beckons his wanton fingers' pressure play her notes
Caressing over her frets; taut strung strings
...he plucks each note
Invoking... sweet ecstasy's melodic
harmonic notes
Electricity humming... vibrating 
under his powerful rhythmic strumming 

©Debbie Razey 2014

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ruminant Grace (Monotetra)

These chains no longer bind me now
Broken free, yet unsure of how 
Perhaps harmonised with Tao
Transformed somehow, transformed somehow 

Though still shackled physically
My spirit now meanders free
Dead the person I used to be 
Eternally, eternally 

My mind is now transcending space
No longer feel need, to keep pace
Swaddled in nature's warm embrace
Ruminant grace, ruminant grace

When feeling trapped and low on fight
Remember to keep within sight 
Hope, dreams and compassion's plight 
The inner light, the inner light

© Debbie Razey 2014