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Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Prayer

I find it ironic that we build places in which to worship,
when it is within nature that I find God, our great creator
I worship in his temples, crafted with such love and perfection; 
our majestic natural world, in my uniquely tailored flesh

I hear the ancient trees whisper their hymns and psalms of love and peace
I see life cycles all around me; wax and wane as does the moon
I feel love's clear vibration, the energy given and received
I smell the fruit bushes and trees, the honey and the salt of the sea

I hear birds rejoice in song of beauty that's bestowed upon us
I see nurturing, care and empathy given within all life
I feel protected by the caves, mountains; the shade of the forest
I smell fertile soil which feeds vegetation and which then feeds me

I hear the rain, its rhythm echoes the heartbeat of all living things
I see compassion and love's light twinkle in the eyes of their souls
I feel the air, the sun, kiss and caress my skin; restoring health
I smell timber burning, providing us warmth as the nights draw in

I see no need for walls and a roof as they block out the sky's grace
I'm christened by nature's pure waters; the light of the sun and moon 
I take my communion from the plethora of food provided
My prayer for all - 'Feel love's vibration and of life's bounty share.'