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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My Vote

What gets my vote?
Is... compassion
Not blatant fascism

What gets my vote?
Is... equality
Not widespread poverty

What gets my vote?
Is... free education 
Not (pocket-lining) privatisation

What gets my vote?
Is... fair taxation
Not large corporation evasion

What gets my vote?
Is... free healthcare
Not lack of fundamental welfare

What gets my vote?
Is... tough communication
Not mindless muderous invasion

What gets my vote?
Is... conservation
Not nature's obliteration 

What gets my vote?
Is... public funding
Not sadistic fox-hunting

What gets my vote?
Is... charity
Not media fuelled apathy

What gets my vote?
Is... what's best for the majority
Not the privileged minority

What gets my vote?
Is... upheld human rights 
Not a corrupt show of might 

....far too simple you say?
Apparently not for May! 
Please have your say....
Use your vote on the day

© Debbie Razey 2017

Sunday, 26 March 2017



© Debbie Razey 2017


Saturday, 11 March 2017


Patchwork is the love in which we lie
Darned together with hope... fantasy and lies 
It's tactile fabric... of dream-hues, makes me cry
Patchwork... is the love in which we lie

© Debbie Razey 2017

Where Words Should Be

tears fall...
where words should be
festering in my throat
too scared of my thoughts... to flow free bleed!   

© Debbie Razey 2017


I wish it hadn't have been you 
that I gave my love to 
as we sat on your bike 
and we drank in the view
When my hand slipped into yours
I was so sure... that I knew 
Oh, how I wish it hadn't have been you 
That I gave my love to...

I wish it hadn't have been you 
that I gave my love to 
as my innocent heart 
you broke... knowingly in two 
All the words we exchanged  
I believed them be true 
Oh, how I wish it hadn't have been you 
That I gave my love to...

I wish it hadn't have been you 
that I gave my love to 
as the years haven't jaded
my naive dreams for us two
I'm still... dangling in turmoil 
tortured by memories of you
Oh, how I wish it hadn't have been you 
That I gave my love to...

© Debbie Razey 2017

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Seasons of Our Love

In the spring of our love, you carefully cocooned my lonesome-leaded heart 
Kindly cascaded blossoms of beautiful balmed words, my mind so longed to hear 
Your sweet, seductive warm winds lifted, gently, the corners of my paper-thin scored skin 
Precious promises of twinned flames' eternal, all enveloping embrace, lingered lucently there
Soothing shared showers of adoring affection rejuvenated, tenderly, my ashen-saddened spirit
I felt, once again, alive in a delicious deluge of demonstrative desire
My tight brittle buds began to taste, blindfolded with trepidation, the tremulous trust of truth; 
unfurling subconsciously within our ethereal essence of lucid liquid light... there our love it grew

In the summer of our love we basked blissfully in the heat, hedonistically, entwined in heavenly dreams
We ate, endlessly, Eve's fruit of Eden... heedlessly, without paying attention, to its punishable price 
Swam nonchalantly naked in the full moon's reflection; silken-stars sequining, subtly, our sin 
Meandered merrily through meadows of consciousness... barefoot, beguiled and free
Danced deliriously to the birds' dawn chorus before they spirited us swiftly to sleep
There in the bosom of benevolence, in the solace of soliloquy, my soul's serenade you did sing 
Our love-smelted smouldering, betwixt and bonded, beneath the sun's fierce fire... forged were we
Needing naively, playing profusely in our diaphanous dalliance of a jewelled daydream

In the autumn of our love, hallowed hues deepened, mellowed, weakened in their primeval  prowess 
Honey-tasting merry memories, so much sweeter as the days' bowing branches undressed
The listless leaves of lies littered the ground, weeping woefully underfoot... began to wilt
Their strong siblings twisted, triumphantly tilted, clinging chaotically to ideals which they faithfully held 
Rare reluctant rays of sunshine, heralding halcyon days of frivolity, which we had not contemplated would end
Our embers of empathy still burned blatantly, in the tawny tones of Fall's painter's palette 
So we huddled harder, voiced vivaciously love louder, refused to weakly wander... left no room for ruthless regret
Stoically, we stocked up love's larder, gave thanks to the Father and now, gratefully, with the twilight of our love... we are mercifully met.

In the winter of love, will we fear our fragility or be humbled with humility?
Will we cherish wisely or be anaesthetised by apathy, dancing soberly into death's darkling demise?
I hope we heed and hold on together tighter, become fearless fighters, defending our lifelong treasured love to the end
I pray we weather the storms gracefully, give of ourselves unconditionally... become the most sacred of infinite friends 
My wish is that we transcend life's tragedies, explore all of her mysteries and rejoice in our lessons learned 
That our love will flourish and will indeed nourish all the silent, secluded parts of our innermost souls
As with our roots firmly planted, we'll not be supplanted and we'll bloom once more, cometh a reincarnate new morn 
So, although seasoned, we'll have jubilant reasons to be joyous as, on our love... life did not taketh its toll
© Debbie Razey 2016