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Monday, 28 July 2014

All to blame

We all have blue blood 
running through our veins
None of us are immune from pain
We all get cuts and bleed out red
We all have loved ones who are dead
We are all made up of bones and skin 
We all have had a mother, father and kin
We are all  born and will one day die
We all frequent this earth 
under the same majestic sky 
We all think, dream, feel joy and tragedy 
We all have rights to our
beliefs and to remain free
We all have the need to love,
communicate and share
We are all born with capabilities 
to love, empathise and care
We are not so different, 
you, me, he and she
We are all collectively a 'we'
The same
...all to blame
Please...let LOVE reign

© Debbie Razey  2014