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Friday, 22 August 2014

'Maybe' love

we test, cautiously, 
the majestic waters of a maybe love
Sat upon the lamp-lit jetty,
legs dangling, 
jeans rolled up beyond our knees;
chilled ale bottles, 
moist, in our fevered hands
Now we lie together, 
close... but apart, 
underneath the celestial ebony sky 
Gentle music accentuates the silence  
Wonder spirals in our hearts and minds 
An intoxicating connection, coursing through our veins
As we watch rowboats leave

You turn 
...towards me
Your handsome, rugged face 
gazing straight into my soul
Hopelessly I fall, 
without restraint,
into the emerald galaxies of your sensual eyes;
by the light of the moon
A wry smile creeps across your face
just as the sun transcends the horizon,
illuminating the fire that burns deep within
You reach out,
sweep my hair from my face
I feel your breath... your lips, 
taste your impassioned gentle kiss 
...I am home 

© Debbie Razey 2014