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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Nature's Nurturing

I climb woeful and weary; lonesome, lead-weighted with thoughts, to the summit of the halcyon heathered hill
Beneath me sprawls surreptitiously, the emerald and tawny checkerboard, meandering meadowed valley
A wondrous woven patchwork embellished with sapphire-ribboned serpentine streams,
slithering silently into the lucent lake's emerging embrace with the sleepy sanguine sky
The whispering wind prances peacefully through the pine trees as it flows through the flora of the forest; 
whilst the redolent rugged ridge of rolling protective peaks proudly and prestigiously look on

Here, I witness the birds cascading upon saffron gossamer thermals; hovering lackadaisically upon the breeze, they linger on
Feathered, fearless phantoms stealthily soar; guarded, ghostly silhouettes against the haphazard harmonic hills
Disappearing sporadically into the dense canopy; a cacophony of calling, ricochets rhythmically from the forest
Tired talebearing trees bow their heavy heads towards the lush leaf-laden, voluptuous velvet valley
Clouds, tactile to my eyes, obscure the violet vivid tendrils of the blushing bronze, satsuma sun
The hypnotic incandescent shards shine; glimmering gleefully, reflecting from the shy sauntering streams 

I find that my heart bleeds melancholy tears, welling in my mind; my thoughts, filtering futile, fearful streams
I watch, and breathe in, each extinguished ear of sunlight; one by one, as dusk's shawl is scantily put on
A Van Gogh style, swirling, surreal sky; its ebony ink envelops the last of the crisp crimson, spiraling spherical sunset
Twilight transpires, taunting me; maleficent memories mudding my mind as I seek comfort in the bosom of the hallowed hills
The night painter's swift raven's wing paints in hues of pitch and shadow, vanquishing vague the valley;
as haunting howls and hoots herald the night's lugubrious lore, resonating deep from within the rhetoric of the riparian forest

From up here, everything appears small; even the archaic tremulous trees of the black foreboding forest 
I see the forest's satin sable blood, pump visibly through its veins; the dark water, refracting starlight from its streams
Pooling at the feet of the fern fallow fells, swollen streams leak languidly into the lachrymal lake; cupped by the vascular valley
I contemplate how I often get caught up in life's currents and yet how intrinsically I feel the universe and I, the same course, we are on
How I feel the earth and I are one; how everything has fluidity; how I sense stardust shines within me; how I feel protected by the heavenly hills
Just as the dawn sky gives birth to the sun, so I came to be; as one day I'll surrender sweetly my last breath to be swallowed by he sunset

The night's painter takes his leave, the last navy blue subtle strokes transcend the sky from deep darkling to dawn; I've again escaped my finale 
Against the guilt-edged awakening azure sky; oil-slicked majestic peacock feathered tall trees fan open as do the eyes of the forest
Childlike playful shadows dance daintily, creep and crawl up posthumous peaks; so too my rogue thoughts recoil, as light lavishes on the hills
I sigh serenely, as the sunlight's kaleidoscopic kisses caress the iridescent lake; a blissful babbling sweet serenade is sung by the stream
Inner peace restored; I watch from the sun-soaked summit, the perfect picket-fenced quiet quintessential village deep within the valley

Mellow meadows surrounding the village in slumber, appear quilted; plump, pillow pockets of duck-down adorn the voluptuous valley 
Chimney smoke silvered plumes permeate the blue, beckoning my heart home; my weary watery sequacious eyes sink like the sunset
It's time for me to return from Mother Nature's nurturing, medicinal magic; her enigmatic elixir I have tasted and now hope's light is on
Belligerent broken branches, rudely remind me of how fragile life is; of how steadfast and strong they once were within the forest
Yet all things change and are recycled; just as sea evaporates into cloud cover, falling freely as replenishing rain, swelling the streams 
Now, eagerly I await to experience everything; the darkness and light, the cold and warmth, the peaks and troughs simulating the hardy hills

I'll now bide my time; be valiant and vigilant when in life's valleys; improve individually and yet meld melodically within the universe's forest 
I'll now flow freely without fear, just as the changing chameleon streams; grasping gladly every opportunity open, until I cease with the sunset
Until then I'll follow the patient path that nature's nuturing has put me on; climbing compassionately and confidently my life's enlightening hills.            

 © Debbie Razey 2015