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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dream Keeper

If I bring you my dreams
Would you keep safe my heart
Lift me up from beneath 
Would you swathe me in stars

Could we ride the night on moonbeams 
Set sail on candy-floss clouds 
Swing on a pearlescent, crescent moon
Take a spaceship to Mars

When it's time to return
Would you shield me from the sun
Protect me from stormy rain clouds
Helter skelter down turbulent cyclones

Keeping me safe in your arms 
We could catch the rainbow express 
Transcending every hue 
Of life's prerequisite shrouds 

I know this is nonsense and yes 
...part of me never grew up
Though with you as my dream keeper
To life's harsh realities, I'll keep the door shut 

Although, please tread gently
As I have so far to fall
My mind frequents the Milky Way
Imagination guards my soul 

© Debbie Razey 2014