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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Helping Hands

Balancing my heart and mind does not come naturally

Teetering on life's tightrope, trying to avoid calamity

Striving for equilibrium has always been a chore

I've fallen off so many times and landed on the floor

My heart, you see, it is disproportionate with my brain

Having a heart so large, has often left me drained

However it's the way I'm made, it's essentially who I am

What you see is what you get, with me there is no scam

So over time I've learned to fall and how to get back up

I've also learned to tread cautiously, the rest has been down to luck 

Actually, that's not quite true as I've been helped, from time to time

A friend has walked hand in hand with me, whose heart is as big as mine

Side by side, facing opposite ends, we've somehow muddled through

How we've avoided all the obstacles, though, I really have no clue 

Especially every now and then when the view has become obscured

Although with our hearts, that are so large, we have each other reassured 

What I'm trying to say is two hearts, like minds, are definitely better than one

In fact working together empathically, we have now indeed learned to run

Imagine then, if we all walked together lovingly; each of us hand in hand

There would be no difficulties, great enough, that we could not, withstand 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Deft Fantasy

Beneath moonlight erupts deft fantasy
Riding night's breeze serene on winged achene
Imagination seen so lucidly 
Where stars and moons collide within our dreams
Here myth and lore take on a new pretence 
Grand castle keeps and mountain peeks ascend 
Amidst moonbeams the small becomes immense  
The wily wolf our confidant and friend 
Though hidden deep we all seek fairy tales 
The happy ending ever-after prize
Making up villains and we still pretend
We all prefer azure to dismal skies 
So are we figments within illusion 
All still children swept up in confusion 

© Debbie Razey 2015 both poem and art

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Last Dance (tanka)

if after all, it 
transpires, that indeed, I'm not
please feel free, to dance on my
grave and raise a glass to me 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Thursday, 26 March 2015


I feel like the air is too thin to breathe;
that if I were to inhale it too deeply, 
the sky would shatter into smithereens 
I feel like the lead-lined clouds bear down on me,
forcing my head to swallow my sawdust eyes,
as I plead silently... wishing for it all to cease

My mouth has a thirst for life, I fear, never to be quenched
My feet, inactive, are aching from wanting to run from myself
Each hair follicle is a tiny drill, burrowing into my brain
My heart grows weary and my mind, it forever spins;
replaying on a loop the cherry-tinted yesterdays
as I taste, unwillingly, the tomorrows laced with fear 

A heavy-set oaken door is barred on my dreams
The key, an enigma, a puzzle I have yet to fathom 
Perhaps I just need some time away, a break, a holiday 
The trouble is, I think I may need some distance from me
I yearn to step, healthy, out of this alien putrid skin
to be the person I really am, who's not stifled... weak

Enough! I just need sleep... quiet... peace...
To swim under the stars and cleanse my soul
To walk naked in the company of my own thoughts
To watch the leaping flames lift the fog, so I can see
To feel the wind blow fiercely, the dust that is me;
sandblasting my face as the waves chisel back my form

I need to drink in deeply, the warming sunset's elixir
and replace the stolen stars which once shone in my eyes 
I need to settle peacefully before the dawn sings;
once again feel the dew beneath my bare, tired feet 
I just want to replenish... restore... retreat... 
To seek serene silvered silence so I can once again be me;
wild, naive, hopeful... unencumbered... pain free! 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Monday, 23 March 2015

I made me!

Surmise... you think you know me?
Chastised... as I was not bourgeoisie
Despised... because I did not agree.

I don't do bended knee!

Contrived... I'm not into fakery 
...derived easily from when you emceed

Denied... despite my raw abilities
...prized so highly was, to me, that degree

Incised... but I began to clearly see
...disguised the shame deep within me
Strived... so hard, using only my esprit

Survived... and I'll thrive... as my mind is free! 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lady Of The Lake

He said
"Remember... this
spot, right here, it only
belongs to us... ours... forever love"
had she felt so
wanted or so... adored
Spellbound... she basked; safe in his words
His hands
...conducted notes
from each pore of her skin;
dark wild eyes, intoxicated
...her soul
She was
addicted to 
his smell... his touch... his strength 
She'd become his possession a
on strings
Those strings became 
chains... imprisoned by he;
one day with all of her courage 
...she'd leave
he foiled her plan
He did not let her flee
now...forever... The Lady of 
the Lake

© Debbie Razey 2015

Thursday, 19 March 2015


War slew

a hole right through

the place where

my child I'd bear

War tore my limbs from me

War took his sanity

Gone... is the home that we shared

The rest of the world does not care

Belongings strewn

Lives doomed!

Futile waste

Hate in haste

A nation mourns 

...stolen new dawns

Rivers of red

Children dead!

What could have been 

...remains unseen

© Debbie Razey 2015

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Nature's Nurturing

I climb woeful and weary; lonesome, lead-weighted with thoughts, to the summit of the halcyon heathered hill
Beneath me sprawls surreptitiously, the emerald and tawny checkerboard, meandering meadowed valley
A wondrous woven patchwork embellished with sapphire-ribboned serpentine streams,
slithering silently into the lucent lake's emerging embrace with the sleepy sanguine sky
The whispering wind prances peacefully through the pine trees as it flows through the flora of the forest; 
whilst the redolent rugged ridge of rolling protective peaks proudly and prestigiously look on

Here, I witness the birds cascading upon saffron gossamer thermals; hovering lackadaisically upon the breeze, they linger on
Feathered, fearless phantoms stealthily soar; guarded, ghostly silhouettes against the haphazard harmonic hills
Disappearing sporadically into the dense canopy; a cacophony of calling, ricochets rhythmically from the forest
Tired talebearing trees bow their heavy heads towards the lush leaf-laden, voluptuous velvet valley
Clouds, tactile to my eyes, obscure the violet vivid tendrils of the blushing bronze, satsuma sun
The hypnotic incandescent shards shine; glimmering gleefully, reflecting from the shy sauntering streams 

I find that my heart bleeds melancholy tears, welling in my mind; my thoughts, filtering futile, fearful streams
I watch, and breathe in, each extinguished ear of sunlight; one by one, as dusk's shawl is scantily put on
A Van Gogh style, swirling, surreal sky; its ebony ink envelops the last of the crisp crimson, spiraling spherical sunset
Twilight transpires, taunting me; maleficent memories mudding my mind as I seek comfort in the bosom of the hallowed hills
The night painter's swift raven's wing paints in hues of pitch and shadow, vanquishing vague the valley;
as haunting howls and hoots herald the night's lugubrious lore, resonating deep from within the rhetoric of the riparian forest

From up here, everything appears small; even the archaic tremulous trees of the black foreboding forest 
I see the forest's satin sable blood, pump visibly through its veins; the dark water, refracting starlight from its streams
Pooling at the feet of the fern fallow fells, swollen streams leak languidly into the lachrymal lake; cupped by the vascular valley
I contemplate how I often get caught up in life's currents and yet how intrinsically I feel the universe and I, the same course, we are on
How I feel the earth and I are one; how everything has fluidity; how I sense stardust shines within me; how I feel protected by the heavenly hills
Just as the dawn sky gives birth to the sun, so I came to be; as one day I'll surrender sweetly my last breath to be swallowed by he sunset

The night's painter takes his leave, the last navy blue subtle strokes transcend the sky from deep darkling to dawn; I've again escaped my finale 
Against the guilt-edged awakening azure sky; oil-slicked majestic peacock feathered tall trees fan open as do the eyes of the forest
Childlike playful shadows dance daintily, creep and crawl up posthumous peaks; so too my rogue thoughts recoil, as light lavishes on the hills
I sigh serenely, as the sunlight's kaleidoscopic kisses caress the iridescent lake; a blissful babbling sweet serenade is sung by the stream
Inner peace restored; I watch from the sun-soaked summit, the perfect picket-fenced quiet quintessential village deep within the valley

Mellow meadows surrounding the village in slumber, appear quilted; plump, pillow pockets of duck-down adorn the voluptuous valley 
Chimney smoke silvered plumes permeate the blue, beckoning my heart home; my weary watery sequacious eyes sink like the sunset
It's time for me to return from Mother Nature's nurturing, medicinal magic; her enigmatic elixir I have tasted and now hope's light is on
Belligerent broken branches, rudely remind me of how fragile life is; of how steadfast and strong they once were within the forest
Yet all things change and are recycled; just as sea evaporates into cloud cover, falling freely as replenishing rain, swelling the streams 
Now, eagerly I await to experience everything; the darkness and light, the cold and warmth, the peaks and troughs simulating the hardy hills

I'll now bide my time; be valiant and vigilant when in life's valleys; improve individually and yet meld melodically within the universe's forest 
I'll now flow freely without fear, just as the changing chameleon streams; grasping gladly every opportunity open, until I cease with the sunset
Until then I'll follow the patient path that nature's nuturing has put me on; climbing compassionately and confidently my life's enlightening hills.            

 © Debbie Razey 2015

Monday, 9 March 2015


Tokens of you and I are still littered all around
Our initials carved upon a tree in our old high-school grounds
Lyrics in specific songs that feel they were written just for us
The glimpse of an unoccupied backseat within a Stagecoach bus 
Ticket stubs and glossy programmes from all our favourite bands
The way my palm feels empty now without you holding, firm, my hand 
Acoustic guitars, in general, especially when one is on my knee
Stars now shine down lonesomely; not as they did when we were young, naive and free 

Certain dates and a star sign, to me, are now only synonymous with you
Fading mind screenshots and photographs; albeit there are too few 
A hot-chocolate moustache, without you, has never been the same 
My tainted, quirky sense of humour; others think me, I'm sure, insane
Red-stripe and Marlborough, reminiscent of so many wild, wayward nights 
Lava lamps and stick-on fluorescent stars that are sensitive to light 
What's my biggest fear, you ask; well that's so hard for me to say
I guess it's the thought of being forgotten by you... a little bit more and more each day! 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Memories meander, 
morbidly and melancholy 
...on my malleable mind
     A magnificent...
     *Muse* have I! 

© Debbie Razey 2015

With you...

With you...
am I always 
to linger,  s
between      either...
        I'm *lonely* 
          *in love*

© Debbie Razey 2015

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


kindness ripples in
the collective consciousness 
- sea of love expands 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Spring light (haiku)

spring's luminous light ~
winter's stark, shadowy ebb
wanes, recoils, recedes 

© Debbie Razey 2015

#haiku #Micropoetry 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Feathered Field

string's sweet song paints air 
birds and thermals harmonise 
- saffron feathered field

© Debbie Razey 2015

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Social Networking

She searches for him 
Within the apps on her phone
Where is he tonight? 
Upon which social network? 
She surfs with others... alone 

© Debbie Razey 2015

Singles Seek

Single solemn silhouettes sway, 
seeking safe serendipity,
searching star-studded... sunset skies

Strong, slim, sculpted, salacious Sir
Stubbled smartly, starched shirt, silk-tie 
...sapphire, sharp, striking, sexy stare

Sensual, shapely siren... she
Sanguine sheen, scintillating smile
...subliminally suggestive 

Stripped shoulders; showering, silken
shiny, stunning, sable spirals
Short skirt skimming straps... satin skin

Silently seducing... shaking;
she surrenders, shy stare subtly
Suspiciously, Sir scans... savours

Sincere, small, sensitive, sweet... she 
Sir's self satisfaction smoulders
...sensuality serenades

Sir strides straight; swaggers... stealing she
Sliding, spinning... sexual sparks;
sultry samba... she shimmies... shines

Starlit skyline, shimmers sublime
Sandalwood scented sticks... stir sweet 
 ...senses sabotage sanity 

Scripted soul-mates? Star-crossed sweethearts?  
Shockwave sensation... shivers spine
Sheer serene... sought sanctuary 

© Debbie Razey 2015