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Monday, 9 March 2015


Tokens of you and I are still littered all around
Our initials carved upon a tree in our old high-school grounds
Lyrics in specific songs that feel they were written just for us
The glimpse of an unoccupied backseat within a Stagecoach bus 
Ticket stubs and glossy programmes from all our favourite bands
The way my palm feels empty now without you holding, firm, my hand 
Acoustic guitars, in general, especially when one is on my knee
Stars now shine down lonesomely; not as they did when we were young, naive and free 

Certain dates and a star sign, to me, are now only synonymous with you
Fading mind screenshots and photographs; albeit there are too few 
A hot-chocolate moustache, without you, has never been the same 
My tainted, quirky sense of humour; others think me, I'm sure, insane
Red-stripe and Marlborough, reminiscent of so many wild, wayward nights 
Lava lamps and stick-on fluorescent stars that are sensitive to light 
What's my biggest fear, you ask; well that's so hard for me to say
I guess it's the thought of being forgotten by you... a little bit more and more each day! 

© Debbie Razey 2015