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Friday, 11 October 2019

Steadfast Love

No matter what I say to you
I can never... get it right 
So I imprison the words inside of me
and I let my feelings type
My heart is true and honest
but it's somehow not enough 
I bend beyond the realms of sense
with unwavering, steadfast love
In my saddened heart I know though
that this you do not recognise
Through a filter of paranoia 
daily it’s me you grow to despise 
I wonder how our journey will end; 
if we'll continue to muddle through
or if your demons will defeat us 
and if I’ll loose both me.... and you 

So, please, listen to what I’m saying 
This doesn’t have to be our end
One in which we both destroy ourselves
and into madness... we descend
For I, would steal the moon for you
to quell the darkness in your head
Leave no room for ghosts of yesteryear
Burn up in stars... every word they said
I’ll be there to hold you through the nights
To stroke your night-terrors away 
Darling, you’ll no longer have to cope alone
No more days... of being afraid 
© Debbie Razey 2019 - Violet Moon Poetry 

Single Seeks 💜

Single solemn silhouettes sway, 
seeking safe serendipity,
searching star-studded September skies

Strong, slim, sculpted, salacious Sir
Stubbled smartly, starched shirt, silk-tie 
Sapphire, sharp, striking... sexy stare

Sensual, shapely, stunning siren... She
Sanguine sheen, scintillating smile
stealth... subliminally suggestive 

Stripped shoulders; showering, silken
shiny, stunning, sassy, sable spirals
Short skirt, skimming straps... satin skin

Silently seducing... shaking;
She surrenders shyly, subtly squirming 
Suspiciously, Sir scans... savours snarling 

Sincere, small, sensitive, sweet... She 
Sir's self satisfaction smoulders
...sensuality serenades, secretly

Sir strides; swaggers... stealing She
Sliding, spinning... sexual sparks shooting;
sultry samba... she shimmies... shines

Starlit skyline, shimmers sublime
Sandalwood scented sticks... serpentine 
Senses stir, sabotage.... sanity!

Scripted soul-mates? Star-crossed sweethearts?  
Shockwave sensation... shivers, shocks spine
Sheer serene... suspired sanctuary 

© Debbie Razey 2019 - Violet Moon Poetry