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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Time echoes the clarity of hindsight

Halloween Dare

Tonight was the night!
Four young teens
... armed with a plan.
Rucksack and torch equipped;
with new found freedom they had formed a clan. 
The night sky adorned with a magnificent full moon;
two hours left before their parents had ordered curfew. 
Their annual Halloween's festive dare,
with adrenaline pumping rapidly,
they were not even a bit scared.

Miss Hoyle had long since passed.
Her house for years stood empty and was of ill-repute;
all windows and doors boarded tightly shut.
Mounting the gate, they had confidence aplenty;
their only deterrent the neighbouring mutt.
The window boards were easily prised open,
two boys demonstrating their male prowess.
The two girls were glowing and dressed to kill
(best friends from the start of pre-school)
were drunk on sheer sensation of thrill.

Upon entering the old dilapidated house,
they rejoiced in their great accomplishment;
quickly lighting up their illicit cigarettes.
They roamed the house with foolhardy confidence;
downing cheap cider from the bottle neck.
Finally they met back in the dank, gloomy lounge,
where they lit several candles from their zippo lighter.    
It was then they chalked out the sequence of Ouija;
the girls taking great pains to get it correct;
while the boys contemplated ordering favourite pizza.

With packets of crisps eaten and more cider drunk;
they formed a tight circle to perform a seance,
concentrating with all of their might.
Although all four, secretly thinking it only a farce,
they proceeded in the dim candle-light.
It was then that things started to go crazy;
the glass spinning recklessly out of control.
The house heaved and echoed profusely
as words were spelled out before their eyes;
their primal sense of fear awoken acutely.

It was obvious now no-one was pushing,
when the glass took on a mind of its own.
All four teens, transfixed and scared equally,
the message derived clearly became cause for concern.
They had summoned a type of evil deity; 
the word the spirit repeatedly spelled out was "death".
The boys suddenly turned a whole shade greener
as the girls tried, in vain, to ask it politely to leave.
It was then that Alan decided to up and flee,
now dawning on him how they'd been so naive.

An ungodly vortex appeared directly before them,
sucking poor terrified Alan helplessly, violently away.
The remaining three jumped to their feet and clawed at the window,
while darkish fiend-like creatures from within passed through.
The teens' faces etched deeply with panic and harrow,
their fingertips bled as they reached for the light.
All that was left behind was the rucksack, torch and empty bottle;
the house standing vacant and eerily quiet once more.
As the candles wavered; the Ouija inscriptions melted to dust;
the only noise was the old swing creaking by the rear door.

So beware this Hallows' Eve; of myths, legends and of the unseen!
The four teens; Kate, Lisa, John and Alan were never seen again.
Commemorated religiously, within our town... every Halloween.
 © Debbie Razey 2014


head cleared of contents
 in order to see the light
- pumpkin fills the air

Original photo and poem by © Debbie Razey 2014