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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Time to break Free!

I want to get off, step free from this nonsense; the rotating fakery of life's ostentatious carousel 
The to do lists, the pay by dates and especially from the "'s what's expected"
The cruel serpentine stigmas of life, that sinuously engulf us and crush our chances dead!
Who, after all, decided upon what is classed as great achievement; who allotted them?
It seems to matter not, how busy we busy ourselves; the outcome it appears is transparently assured
We create for ourselves only more chaos, more menial chores, more futile goals and, ironically, more that needs to be done!
Somewhere along the line we have been duped into thinking that we can buy ourselves freedom from this oppressive cantankerous fate
That money can buy us a Get out of Jail Free card but the web of financial security spun, only proves to imprison us the diligent spiders
As all we think we need and want is all we have become; an empty vehicle heading towards success, never reaching its destination
We have become so obsessed over striving for success, that I fear we have lost the ability to recognise it even when achieved

When did we stop appreciating that money is merely paper; we can't eat or drink it!
Money doesn't keep us safe and it can't cure the Big C!
Bank notes are merely a mirage, an 'I owe you'; nothing has in actuality been truely given or exchanged
How can the whole world be in debt; from whom did the world borrow and who do we owe to?
The tragedy, it would appear, is that we borrow from ourselves - a thing far more rich in value; time!
The time of our youth, time with loved ones, time to be ourselves, time we otherwise may have pursued and realised our dreams
Hence it's time to escape, to run like the wind; like stallions freed at last from from this insane merry go round of deceit 
This facade, smokescreen of a reality, is just a fairground, the government the carnival, the politicians a lurid Punch and Judy show
We have regressed, not developed; we have forgotten the true meaning of life
We've been swept up by this elaborate pantomime 
We've sold out to live in Legoville; entombed ourselves within four walls!
It is time to break free; it is time to leave this circus behind! 

© Debbie Razey 2014