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Friday, 2 May 2014

PTSD won't set us Free!

Please don't judge me.........because I do this enough myself! 
It's just so hard to love somebody who hates the world, and everyone in it 
It's damaging my health! 
I get hate me and, ironically, today that's ok
I've used up all my tears on you; I've thrown them all away
I'm so over ........ walking on eggshells and stepping over all the lies
I know it's not your fault, as your demons sear deep inside
Please, though, tell me why I'm always the one to blame
As isn't it your hatred and fear that's causing you this pain?
I'm sick ...... with YOUR affliction
I'm tired ...... of this futile fight
When all I really want to do is hold you, and tell you that it will ALL be alright
I'm wishing for what WAS, the person who I married
I'm aching from this relentless load,  that for far too long I've carried
So what to do now....I wish I knew the answer!
All I know, is your contempt for me..... is eating me like cancer!
I wish the Army knew what they've done;  how they've ripped out your soul...
If only I had the remedy to tend your unseen wounds and make you, once again, whole

Debbie Razey 2014