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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


This song just gets me or should I say that I get it
Despite my best effort to concentrate, it just will not quit
It's playing on repeat continuously, loud and clear within my mind
The rhythm's got a hold of me; I'm actually shaking my behind

The melody's familiar and yet today was its first airplay
I'll have memorised each and every lyric, by the end of the day
The lyrics tell our story and yet, I'm sure I have not told
Music always makes me so happy, it stops me from feeling old

Whilst driving into work today with the windows wound right down
My driver seat dancing and karaoke, erased a bemused spectator's frown
My voice is feeling hoarse now, from screaming out the words
For this song is my new best friend, the greatest thing I've ever heard

So as my boyfriend says to me "babe you gotta listen to this tune"
I reply with a smile and a "oh honey" feeling my heart begin to swoon
Sensing, from the smile just shared... that this will be OUR forever tune.

© Debbie Razey 2015