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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nature Answers

Here, sitting on my old wobbly dilapidated
dry stone wall; coffee and cigarette in hand;
I nestle snuggly, hidden at the bottom of
my overgrown quaint cottage garden
The scent of lavender eases the stress
of my bewildered thoughts... mind at reel
Birds serenade my soul with their melodic,
heartfelt songs of a hopeful new day 
The bushes shudder noisily as the wildlife 
go about their undisclosed business 
Grass, still wet underfoot, confirms to me 
that I'm actually here
...I look to the sky for answers

The prowess of yonder hump-backed fells beckons me
They stand before me adorned in melanite twinkling rubble,
gently cloaked in an alabaster fur trim of clouds
Amidst the cornflower blue, open majestic sky; 
the ancient twisted Oak's branches dance 
and recite to me their mantra upon the breeze
The babbling crystal brook meanders effortlessly,
hypnotically leading my mind to the valley between 
Sun-dappled by the patchwork canopy above,
shards of gold radiant sunbeams splinter
The tawny foliage carpet path is illuminated
before me....
My direction now becomes clear

© Debbie Razey 2014