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Monday, 8 July 2019


Just heard a song which took me back
Music has something that photos lack 
Tunes can return you to a moment 
A once happy time... or a low point 

Not only can you see the place
You remember the smell... the taste
Old feelings are reawakened 
Lover’s kiss... or when forsaken

Although those times have been and gone
They’re kept alive within that song 
As though they were a time machine  
Now back in mindset... of your teens

Remembering those who’ve long been gone 
Forever entwined within that song
A tune when played still makes you cry
Reminiscent... of darker skies

Or maybe a track... makes you smile 
When by new love you were beguiled 
Evoking... why you fell in love 
When “all of time” was not... enough 

A Melody... still gives you chills 
A lyric your sweet / bitter pill
Potency, that’s ne’er been cancelled 
Songs are... powerful memory-capsules 

© Debbie Razey 2019 - Violet Moon Poetry