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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tidal waves

Tidal waves of desire turning, deep with my soul
Your currents pull at places I have never felt before
Drowning in sapphire eye's of oceanic splendour...
You leave me wanting...yearning...craving...more!


  Tears flow without cause and with little resistance

They pool on my cheeks and then drift down my neck

I know not why I cry, or for what, only that I do 

I feel so desolate, so lonely, so void of any hope

Trapped in a life I don't understand, with no recourse

I wish to break free but I'm anchored by responsibilities 

I want what's best for here I lie dormant 

I can't breathe or see; I barely make it through the day

Yet my soul rejoices in the simple; I only wish to roam

Amongst the hills, the trees, the birds, the clouds

To wade in the ocean; to feel the moon on my face

I have unwittingly imprisoned myself, but to flee

Would be to break the ones I love.....I lie still

© Debbie Razey 2014