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Saturday, 25 July 2015


What stirs beneath my waters 
My love, I fear you will never know
Even though, you're with me daily  
you're just too afraid, there, to go
To taste love's honey nectar 
you must first become the bee
Gather up all our precious, fleeting moments 
Darling, please share yourself with me 

Do you yearn to feel my fire, breathe inside you 
even though you may get burnt? 
Darling, throw open the drapes shrouding your heart;
dispel all defence strategies you have learned
Drink from my soul's well of euphoric essence
My love, I'll give it gladly, all, to you 
Feed ravenously from my body, mind and spirit; 
please, allow me to feed freely from you too

Know, time is not on our side, my love 
I feel our love weaken, rapidly, day by day 
I am in such dire need of your love's nourishment 
and yet you only pick, meagrely, from my buffet
All the ingredients we need, we have right here
It pains me, greatly, to see your confusion and dismay
Darling, take my hand; release your fears and soul to me
I promise, through open honest love... we will be ok  

© Debbie Razey 2015