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Saturday, 23 May 2015


White paper-masked, featureless faces
A cold tacky hand through a violet latex warm glove
Beeping and flashing lurid lights of fate
Monopolising the whole room's solemn gaze

Wheezing, laboured, shallow, rattled breath
Bare chest, sucking in too sharply; disturbing to behold
Pupils, darkling embers of nothingness 
Wires everywhere... mind a frenzied jumbled haze

Clock hands torturing the taut echoed minutes
Unopened plastic triangular sandwich, two days out of date
Nails deeply dug into palms; no sensation 
Barbed-wire prognosis; response... crazed! 

Inaudible screams, yet the silence deafens
Voice disconnected; tears of drought sting and burn
Ugly distorted mouths moving torridly
Green scrub-hat heads with eyebrows raised

Empty Thomas The Tank Engine slippers 
Tousled sun-kissed, silken locks breathed in; deeply inhaled
Toy train track, untouched, encircling tiny limp body
Pleading... begging... prayers; prayed... and prayed...

Little ashen bandaged hand; bruised and swollen
Lifts like a ghost, a vision of timeless beauty beheld
A dilated abyss floods blue pools of iris... those eyes still haunt me
The voice, thought to be heard no more, chimes... I'm still amazed!!! 

© Debbie Razey 2014