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Saturday, 23 May 2015


Chill no more, my sweet, my mind it does embrace you
I will protect you from the night's ill winds of pain
Our feast has just begun, it has not ended
I will feast on you and you, on me again

Your words caress my fantasies, my dark desires
My hunger starts and ends with you...
You invade my thoughts in every waking hour
Please feast, on me until you've had your fill

All sense of control, it has vanished: it does escape me
My heart held hostage, bound tightly with your words
So far away, yet I can almost reach out and touch you
Sliding down my thoughts; fever burns; it penetrates

Our words entwine, lost lingering in the ether
Your presence felt; it caresses, electrifies my skin
Our desire; it travels and brings us ever closer
To you I surrender and, if it be so, let it be a sin.

Now let me kiss you tenderly back to your slumber
I wish to run my fingers through your wayward wanton hair
As I sit here, I imagine, I'm watching you whilst sleeping
For your safe keeping and return I'll say a prayer

© Debbie Razey 2016