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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Chameleon

To all, you become the one whom they convince themselves they so absolutely or desperately need.
The one whom they lust for, with wanton, deepest desire and unquenchable masochistic greed
The one who understands, empathises; the most kindred soul and the only one who is like-minded.
The player, the patter merchant, the one whose manifest declared is so perfect and beyond splendid.
You change, you alter, you penetrate deep into their sub-conscious realms and then their souls
Once they're smitten and reverently hypnotised, you begin to further puppeteer, orchestrate and effortlessly cajole.
Your personality dedicates itself to mirror theirs; reflecting their hopes, dreams, fantasies and fears.
Painting a canvas of lies that will bewitch and romanticise with the seduction of fake sincerity and tears.
Your alluring fa├žade, so beautifully illustrated, is a triumph, a masterpiece and a success indeed!
However, through conjure, you have inadvertently robbed yourself of a true existence which is a vital need

 © Debbie Razey 2014