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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rejected Love

As she lies next to his beautiful, masculine frame
Her heart wishes secretly that things could have stayed the same
Her body tingles and surges with  hedonistic anticipation
Although she knows what lies in store will only be futile and filled with frustration
Undeterred her sensual urges grow and flow more intense
He intrinsically senses this and positions his body in defence
She promised herself she would keep from advancing... she would refrain!
As rejection is almost assured it will only injure her confidence once again
Her lover, husband, soul mate, partner,  friend 
Can she allow herself to dream that this painful cycle will one day cease and end
She not only craves the fulfilment and tactility that being a part of him brings
She also longs for closeness, divine connection that she hoped would transpire when they promised with rings
As he drifts into slumber unaware of her torments and deep seated pain
She embraces her pillow, tears silently fall  as she feels abandoned once again! 

Debbie Razey 2013