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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Bruised,  battered, bullied and bereft of all hope
Damaged, destroyed, dishevelled but dare not, she speak
Saddened, sickened, sullied and scared of a repeat

Abused, ashamed, assaulted; anxiety prevents her sleep 
Devastated, disgusted, demoralised; detrimental to her health 
Controlled, contained, concealed, camouflaged; she weeps

Maimed, molested, mutilated; misery surrounds and engulfs her
Wrecked, wounded, weakened and wronged by all concerned
Ridiculed, ruined, raped and robbed of all she's earned

Traumatised, tormented, tortured and tragically alone 
Eradicated, extinguished, embarrassed; endures silently to the end
Scarred, soiled, shattered; thus suicide her only friend

© Debbie Razey 2014

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