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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Our Own Private Work Of Art

Intoxicated by your scent
I breathe you deeply in
My head upon your rise and fall
I hear your heartbeat sing
Echoing the love I feel
Your beat and mine collide
Bursting into butterflies
Our love adorns the skies 

Reflecting light within the stars
Your eyes gaze down on me
With smile awash upon your face
You set soaring my soul free
I drink your every detail in 
The chiseled lines which define 
Your skin beneath my fingertips 
Oh how I need you... deep inside 

Not only in the physical sense 
But to frequent my lonely heart
Residing there for the rest of time
Our own private work of art
So when you take me in your arms
And I get lost in you 
I know there is no need to fear
For you're inside me too

 © Debbie Razey 2014