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Monday, 9 June 2014


Too long I have stood on this gnarly, rickety old bridge
Procrastinating, contemplating the ifs, buts and whys
Oh how I envy the clouds, with no predestined direction
No left or right turns or crossroads, just vast endless sky
To my right lies the tawny weathered field, devoid of hope
A stark reminder of dreams left fallow, withered and unkempt
To the left, sweet aroma of lush grass; enticing me to elope
Fresh blades sway hypnotically, evoking a sense of freedom
The bridge beckons before me, the obvious straight route to take
Just one foot in front of the other, no need to seek wisdom
And yet I'm still stood here; stuck, rooted, frozen.... perplexed! 

Debbie Razey 2014