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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Safe Refuge

This time of year I so despise
It drains the colour from his eyes
A time which should be full of fun
He's tortured... by the sound of guns

He hits the deck he dislocates
Flashes back to a place of hate 
Taking cover beneath a chair 
World thrown into chaos... despair 

To him he's back in lands afar
With roadside bombs and burnt out cars
Strewn body parts... the stench of death
Rocks back and forth... struggles for breath

His kids look on in horror... fear
It gets no easier with years
Their hero dad reduced to this
To comfort him our only wish

But we can't make it go away
For loud fireworks are here to stay
And they'll sound out to the New Year
With little thought for our... spent tears

This year however was less fraught
As came together those who fought 
A sound-proof barn became a home
And those who suffer... weren't alone

A safe refuge... where there hasn't been 
A ray of hope at last was seen 
Sanity and resources saved 
You've given back... to those who gave

Thank you...

© Debbie Razey 2016