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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Mistress Dawn

I've lain this night next to you and watched the moon polish the sky
Listened to the owl's sweet serenade with our bodies entwined 
I have seen the stars fall; one by one, from the sky 
Mirroring the direction of my tears which I've silently cried

This dawn my love is, for now, to be our last
Our precious time it dwindles, withers too fast 
Whilst you sleep the room taunts me with echoes of our time
Your laugher lingers upon your smile, your slumbering beauty evokes mine

I don't think I've ever seen, such a stunning work of art
The sight of you naked, eyes etch with precision my heart
Each little detail my love presses like a flower, tightly to preserve 
My mind struggles to comprehend, as you're more than I deserve  

Oh how I wish I could cage the sun and forbid her to rise
How I wish the moonlight would stay to dance again in your eyes
Although, I fear its already too late as I sense the dawn creep through the blinds
Her subtle ethereal, ambient glow tortures my mind

As I know what today your duty demands
That you'll travel away, to a far distant land
One of conflict, death, hate and despair
One that I know you'll try your best to repair

So I curse the dawn as she pools on my floor
I beg her to make a retreat, I plead, I implore
Through tear filled eyes I see you stir, begin your day
Like a mistress she comes and from me she takes you away 

© Debbie Razey 2015