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Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Rhetoric Recipe

A pinch of Peter Piper's pick of audacious abject alliteration
A level ladle of legends told from Arthur's knights of dedication 
A drop of discordance from the claw of a dacnomaniac dragon
A mug of metaphoric insight from gad Gypsy's ball within her wagon  
A thimble of tincture from the Aurora Borealis' beauteous berceuse 
An inch of inspiration from Zeus's Mnemosyne; mother to all muse
A soup├žon of sorcery from Shakespeare's Prospero's books of secret 'art'
A pipet of passion from a bead of blood from the fervent Phoenix's heart 
A rap of rhetorical rhyme from the largiloquent lurid leprechaun's curses 
A tad of tone from a unicorn's Ubi Sunt tears of lamenting lackaday verses 
A dash of dactyl taken from the magnificent metric foot of a majestic millipede 
A smidgen of song filled with sibilant salutations so the Bard's spirit may take heed

© Debbie Razey 2014