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Sunday, 2 November 2014

As Love Drowns

Morphing into one another's shadowed, ashen, fashioned, forced platitudes;
we fall through the parquet fragmented floor of our own highly glossed veneer 
As you string together, with gossamer threads, your chiming stained glass words;
I can see your emotions dripping from the silvered pools, deeply echoing your remorse
The wind whispers the truth of my unheard, inner voice; muted by my own oppression 
Teetering on a footbridge over my ebbing thoughts, caught in a whirlpool, I see us drown

Darned with lies and suspicion, a colander of distrust has become our bed's patchwork
My autumnal cloak of tawny hues, disrobed by winter's sensually alluring velvet words
Delicious denial deludes me deliriously, now drifts away into a diaphanous ruby mist of despair

Devoid of any hope, I am left derailed... destitute as I cannot disarm your chain-mailed heart
The quantum shell unfurls; kaleidoscopes as I free-fall through the golden ratio's galaxies, unexplored 
Prepositions, the great tricksters, have given illusion to our light; dimension to our vibrations
Phonic recipes elicit my tongue and breath to dance in a raptured, polemic tango with you

Left entranced, effervescent grief seeps into the sublime elixir of my potent pungent thoughts
Autumn's trickle of colour, bleeds into the summer of my once cherry blossomed heart 
A plethora of oil-slick glazed marbles, reminiscent of the beads of my own despondency;
slip through my fingers, as I try to conceive whether, into a mosaic, our love we can restore 

I look for acronyms of alchemy in singular spectacular stars but the constellations, now cast, prove obscure

© Debbie Razey 2014 - Violet Moon Poetry