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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


I'm on
life's treacherous  
tightrope, ground beneath; I 
can't see, I've been stranded on love's 

My eggshell-sanity; 
dubious perspective is flawed
I no
know or have faith
in my abilities;
as gone is my once... safety net

I fear
what fate,  
for me, now holds
in stark hindsight... will I
plummet forever the abyss,
depths of
or will I hold 
on, suspended somewhere 
between hope and imminent death? 

I guess
It's the
steps I take now
with caution; I'll proceed 
as Karma looks on... calculates 
my whole
sum of 
past, present deeds

Enlightened... I'll begin  
heeding lessons from history 
as now
I'm strong,
in knowledge gained,
conscious of in-betweens 
In renewed clarity... I will
walk on

© Debbie Razey 2016

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